It's simple:  Step by Step Tagging!
 When you are ready to become our next consignor, click the
                     "Register/Login" link to get started.  
Registrations are non-refundable

1.  You are registering as a "New User" if you have never consigned with us      
before.  Of course, if this will be one of many Sales you have participated in     
with us then you again are considered a "Returning User" and will be assigned  
your previous seller number.   

2.  Supply the information required and when asked to pay the $8 registration   
fee, choose whether you will be paying through Paypal or with a personal        
Please notify us if you are choosing a personal check.  Until we              
receive the check your registration is incomplete and you can not begin               
tagging.  Once we receive your check, we will manually complete the                  
registration and you will be off to the races!   Paypal is the quickest and              
most secure way to go through registration.  You can instantly begin                    
tagging or transferring items over once registration is
     If paying by check make registration checks payable to:
                                         TTB Kidz
                            5848 Morning Star Rd
                            Lake Wylie, SC 29710

3.  Great.  Welcome to the Sale.  Time to gather everything together.  We're      
looking for a minimum of 25 items to attend the Consignor Pre-Sale, but
maximum for the amount of items you have for Sale.  So, hit those closets,          
check under the beds, venture into the garage, creep into the attic.  You              
will be more than a little surprised at how much you are going to find.

4.  All items you choose to include in your inventory must meet our quality
standards:  you will see this in the "What to Consign" link.  If you wouldn't
buy it, don't expect anyone else to either.  We inspect items at check-in.

5.  Check over everything.  If it needs washing do it now.  Cut that dangling
string, scrub the bottoms of those shoes, put some 409 to that big wheel,
and dust the inside of that dresser.  Your shoppers will look over everything
so make it shine.

6.  Get your clothing on the hangers.  Get them in boy/girl order.  Now put         
them in size order from smallest to largest.
All clothing items must be separated boy/girl and in the
correct size order.  The hanger must be pointing in the correct       
direction and the tag must be over the heart or shoulder of
the item as shown in the two pictures to the right.  We
will not accept them during check-in if they are not
displayed according to the directions to display clothing.

7.  After you have sorted out all of your clothing, begin to prepare your toys.      
Clean them up and make them shine.  Put them in Ziploc bags if                            
necessary.  Presentation is everything.  
All toys and any other equipment that require
batteries must be working.  If a battery
operated item does not function it will be pulled
from the floor and returned. We do not have
batteries to supply or replace.

8.  For books, DVDs, CDs, Video Games we suggest a small piece of tape over
the corners of the tags.  When you apply the tag, put it on the backside.  No
need to put these items in Ziploc bags, they will be displayed on racks.

9.  As you are going through some of your larger ticket items, usually baby
equipment, outdoor toys, and furniture, please check to see if they may have
been recalled.  Cribs have been in the spotlight this passed year and many
models have been recalled.  Many have a quick simple fix, and can still be
sold once remedied.  Please check this website to be sure that the item
you would like to sell is not on the

            ***  WWW.CPSC.GOV

10.  You are ready to begin tagging.  Click:  

* Click                                 (The majority of your time will be spent here)

* Your single most important decision.  Ask what you would pay
for it.  We suggest 1/3 the original price if used.  We suggest
1/2 the original price if brand new.
( Whole dollar pricing does not sell as well as dollar and cent pricing!!!  )

              SOLD               MAYBE SOLD
              $1.75                   $2.00
              $5.75                   $6.00
              $19.50                 $20.00
              $63.25                 $65.00

Retail stores always sell something for $19.99 never $20.00.
It's psychological pricing and it's been done for years!

*  Pay attention to the "Discount" and "Donate" sections.

                  Check the box if you want to sell your item for 50% off on the
                   last day of the Sale if it has not already sold.

                  Check the box if you would like for us to
Donate your item to our charity
                  of the season if it does not sell.  We supply Tax receipts.

                 Simply pick the size from the drop-down.  All clothing except for Maternity
                  items must have a numbered size, i.e. 0-3 mos, 4T, 8 etc.  Please no S,M,L,XL.

                  Graco, Gymboree, Peg Perego, Children's Place etc

                         VERY IMPORTANT!  Describe your item well:  Blue dress with
                         yellow dots, or Graco carseat - Black with maroon material.
A good description will help to find an item on the floor should a tag
                                   fall off.)

                  By choosing this category for the item, we know exactly how to set
                       up the display floor based on a total number for a particular item.

                               Use for multiple items of the exact same type.  If you choose not to
to                               use the "Description" section and have 20 similar items i.e. BOOKS
                               priced the same you can create 20 tags immediately.  

                          Click when you are ready to save the current tag and move on to
                          the next one.

                                                        Click if you need to change price etc. or delete.
Now accepting FALL/WINTER children's items  
1.  Click the "What to Consign" link.  This well help you get an idea of what you can sell
before you begin the task of gathering everything together...

2.  Click the
"How Much should I Charge" link.  This will give you a general idea of
what what various items typically sell for and help you in pricing...

Below are items you will need to
get everything ready...

1. CARD STOCK (Printed tags)
Basically just a thicker paper
than your standard printing paper.
Purchase at OfficeMax, Staples,
or Office Depot.  You need to have
60# to 67#
card stock.  It can be
white or pastel in color.  Dark
colors will not work.  For about
$11.99 you can get 250 sheets
and print up to 2,000 tags.  That
will cover quite a few Sales.
2.  Hangers
Children's hangers are the best
way to hang clothing, but adult
hangers will work also.  We accept
wire hangers and plastic hangers.
3.  Safety Pins (1" and 1 1/2")
All tags will be secured to clothing
with either safety pins or a tagging
gun.  Straight pins are not acceptable.  Pin
in a seam or under a collar.
4.  Tagging Gun (OPTIONAL)
Very convenient and much faster
than using safety pins.  Click the tagging    
gun link to purchase:
When using the        
gun, please insert the needle into the      
seam of the sleeve/shoulder area

               Try the SSW Economy
                    Fine Fabric Tagging Gun.

                    Purchase the 1" L Fine
                    Fabric Fasterners

5.  Ziploc bags (Sm, Med, & Lg)
Needed for presenting smaller
items and items with pieces
6.  Packing Tape/String/Zip Ties
You may have to get clever in
attaching tags to oddly-shaped

All items must be prepared for
display in the manner(s)
described below...

1.  CLOTHING (All clothing)
Shirts, onesies, dresses, pants, coats and
jackets, anything clothing must
be on hangers.  All hangers must look like a
question mark (?)when viewed from the front...

*Ready for
the racks!

            Items will not
       be accepted!!

2.  Pants and Onesies put on hangers:
Simply safety pin
your pair of pants
or shorts to the
top of the hanger.
It makes it much
easier for your
shoppers to see
what you have
(Folding pants over the hanger will
not make it past inspection and will
be returned at check-in)
3.  Clothing sets
Put the shirt on
the hanger first.
Now behind the
hanger pin the
pants.  The buyer
can now view the
entire set without
taking anything off
of the hanger.
Tags must  be attached in the
upper corner exactly as shown.
4.  Shoes
Get clever, here are some ideas...

Tie the laces               Use a rubberband
together                   string or ziptie           

 Use a ziploc bag as
      a last resort

5. Toys
This is where imagination comes in to
play.  There is no perfect way to tag a
toy.  Your goal is to find the best spot
to apply the tag so that it will stay
secured and does not cover up what
shoppers really need to see.  -  Try
Packing Tape, string, Zip Tie...

Small Toys, Toys with many pieces:
Definitely go with a ziploc bag.  We
would encourage you to put tape across
the entire top of the bag.  This will
discourage "tiny hands" from getting                    
inside your items and reeking havoc on               
Hint:  Don't cover up the front of         
your ziploc with the TAG.  
Place it on the back side.
6.  Big items (Strollers, cribs,
bouncy seats, cribs, play                        
equipment, furniture etc.
Clean them all up, make them look nice,
because these are the big money
makers.  Secure your tags extremely
well.  Zip tie the tag if necessary.  Put
a secret "second" tag somewhere on
the item.  If we discover a "missing"  
tag on the item sometime during the
Sale, we will look for that one to replace
it. Simply make 2 copies for one tag
if you choose to do this.
7.  If you can't figure out how
to display one of your items,
please don't hesitate to email  
us for some advice.       
Power tagger
Add items  
Edit item
Remove item
Final Preparation

1. Clothing 100%?     yes___no___

2. All toys working?   yes___ no___

3. Printed all Tags?    
yes___ no___

4. Have a Check-In
Time selected?          
yes___ no___

(Choose a Check-In time early.
The best times go first

5. Volunteering?         yes___no___
(Pick a shift now as shifts go quickly)

6. Everything cleaned
and looking great?

7.  Checked Recalls?   yes___no___

8. Ready to shop?     OH YEAH!____
Toys in bags taped and
An odd toy tag secured with
A book with the tag on
the back lightly taped
Consignor/Volunteer Pre-Sale
Thursday, JULY 27
Mega Mom Volunteers..........3 pm
Mighty Mom Volunteers........5 pm
Consigors....................6 pm - 9 pm
    At the Park Expo & Conference Center
Very Important with Sizes on Tags!!!
Maternity and Juniors are the only type of
clothing that you can use S, M, L, XL etc.
If a child's article of clothing says S, M, L
etc. you must convert it to a numbered
size such as 3T, 6, 12, 16 etc.  We can not
convert sizes over so please have it all
in order.