"The best information to get
your items ready to be sold!"

It's simple: Step by Step Tagging!

When you are ready to become our next consignor, click the
“Register/Login” link to get started.

Registrations are non-refundable

  1. Pay the $9 registration fee. Registration covers administrative and software expenses.
  2. To consign you must have a minimum of 25 items.
  3. Gather all of your supplies.
  4. Get all of your clothing in size and gender order. Boys with boys, girls with girls.
  5. Put all clothing on hangers including costumes.
  6. Gather all of your toys/books/equipment etc.
  7. Clean, clean, and clean some more…we are very particular about what gets through the doors.
  8. Dirty shoes, stains and holes on clothing are items not considered acceptable to bring. All items are inspected at check-in. Items that don’t meet quality standards are returned before you leave.
  9. All toys and equipment that require batteries must be working so that we can check them in.
  10. Take care in making sure puzzles and games are not missing any pieces.
  11. For your larger items such as baby equipment, outdoor toys, and furniture, please check the website below to see if they have been recalled. We can’t sell anything on the CPSC recall list:


Click  Register/Login and then Enter Items (The majority of your time will be spent here)
*Your single most important decision. “WHAT WOULD YOU REALISTICALLY PAY” for the item you are pricing out?
We suggest 1/3 the original price if used and in great condition. We suggest 1/2 the original price if brand new.

Check the box if you want to sell your item for 50% off on the last day of the Sale if it has not already sold.

Check the box if you would like for us to Donate your item to our charity
of the season if it does not sell. We supply Tax receipts.

Simply pick the size from the drop-down. All clothing except for Maternity
items must have a numbered size, i.e. 0-3 mos, 4T, 8 etc. Please no S,M,L,XL.

Graco, American Eagle, Peg Perego, Old Navy etc.

VERY IMPORTANT! Describe your item well: Blue dress with yellow dots, or Graco carseat – Black and red.
(A good description will help to find an item on the floor should a tag fall off.)

By choosing this category for the item, we know exactly how to set up the display floor based on a total number for a particular item.

Use the Power Tagger option if you have multiples of the same item.
For example if you have 20 books at the same price then you can create 20 tags with one click of the mouse.

Click when you are ready to save the current tag and move on to the next one.

Click if you need to change price etc

Click if you need to delete.


Here is the list of supplies you will want to
pick up for tagging and displaying items.

Standard printer paper is not accepted to
be used for your tags. They rip too easily.
You can go to OfficeMax/Staples and buy
250 sheets for about $16.00. Use white
or pastel colors. You can print 2,000 tags
with that much card stock.

Wire or plastic hangers are accepted.
Choose the appropriate sized hanger for
each clothing item.

Ebay has great deals on bulk safety

Very fast and very easy to use. Be sure to
find a seam or under a collar when
inserting the needle into the garment.

Needed for presenting smaller
items and items with pieces

You may have to get clever in
attaching tags to oddly-shaped



Tie a tag directly to shoe
Last resort Ziploc if you can't keep footwear together any other way. Put tag on the shoes themselves, NOT the bag
Attach tag via shoe string, safety pin, or zip tie.


Small toys in bags taped and tagged
An odd toy tag secured with string
A book with the tag on the back (LIGHTLY TAPED)


(2nd floor of the former Sears Building)
11025 Carolina Pl Pkwy,
Pineville, NC 28134