The better question might be “What don’t we sell?”  With well over 100,000 items, it ranges from clothing, toys, books, baby equipment, maternity equipment, outdoor toys, home decor, furniture and soooo much more!

  • Free parking and free admission to all of our events.  There are options to shop at special early times that do have a small entry fee. 

We accept VISA, MasterCard, and Discover.  We do not accept personal checks or AMEX.

We recommend that you bring something to carry all of your items in.  Many people bring a laundry basket with a belt to tow around.  We do have a “RESERVE SECTION’ where you can store your items so you don’t have to lug all of your loot around while you shop.

Absolutely!  Our aisles are wide and make navigating the sales floor easy with a double wide stroller.  Keep your children close.  The building is huge and not difficult to get lost.

There are a couple of ways to do that:

  1. You can sign up for a Helper Shift and work with us.  Each shift is 4 hours long.  (A great excuse to get out of the house – lots of fun) By working a Helper Shift you get invited to an earlier day and time to shop!  Check out the KIDZ HELPERS LINK on the website for more info.
  2. You can purchase a VIP PRESALE TICKET for $15.  This will get you into the the Sale the day before everyone else!

No problem.  We have a hold area that we can temporarily keep your item(s) until you can return.  We ask that you return within 24 hours for pick up.

Yes, on the last day of the Sale thousands upon thousands of items will be 50% off.  If a tag says “DISCOUNT:  YES” then it is half off!  Very busy day, get there early!

Not even close!  We set up our building to resemble a department store.  Everything is organized and in very specific order.  The display floor is set up to make shopping simple and easy.

  1. CLOTHING – Sizes Newborn to 18.
  2. BOYS SHOES – Sizes Newborn to 8 mens.
  3. GIRLS SHOES – Sizes Newborn to 7 womens.