Frequently Asked Questions
1. Why should I consign?
To make some money selling outgrown clothing and toys your children no longer use.  
You will  also be invited to attend the Pre-Sale before the general public to shop.
2.  How much can I make?
65% to 78% of everything that sells!
3.  How can I make more money than 65%?
Become a "KidZ Helper".  You can make 70% to 78% commissiosn by helping out.
4.  Is there a registration fee to consign?
Yes, registration is $8 for each Sale.  We have a Spring and a Fall Sale.
5.  How do I register to consign?
Click the REGISTER/LOGIN link on any of the web pages.
6.  Do I actually sell my items myself?
No.  You just bring the items to the Sale, priced, and ready to go on the floor, and we
take care of the rest.
7.  What can I consign?
New and gently used seasonal children's clothing Girls (Sizes 0-18), Boys (Sizes 0-18), toys, games,
video games, children's furniture, baby accessories, outdoor play equipment, Home Decor and
so much more. Click the
CONSIGNORS tab for more detailed information.
8.  What kind of tags do I use?
We only accept computer printed tags.  We use "MyConsignmentManager" software for
tagging.  Manual tagging is not allowed. All tags to be printed on CARD STOCK(65#-67#) No printer
paper tags accepted at check-in.  Printer paper tags tear and fall off.  Cardstock paper is much stronger
and durable.
9.  Why would I become a "KIDZ HELPER?"
The show will not run as efficiently without your help.  It's simple and a lot of fun.  By
helping out with just one shift you can gain entry into the "Mighty Mom Helper Pre-Sale", work
two shifts or more and join us at the "Mega Mom Helper Pre-Sale."  You will also make 70%
commission and more as you increase your number of shifts up to 78%.
10. When is the Sale and how do I get there?
Click the Schedules tab for dates and times as well as directions.
11. Are there any discount days during the sale?
On the last day, select merchandise will sell for 50% off!
12. What happens to my items that don't sell at the show?
You may select to Donate unsold items to local charities we have chosen, or you can
come back on the Monday following the show's completion to pic
k up remaining items.
13. What's at a TTB KidZ children's consignment Sale?
What's not at the Sale?  We have high quality new and gently-used children's clothing as
well as maternity items, tons and tons of indoor and outdoor toys and play equipment,
electronics galore, books, games, strollers, cribs, furniture and the list goes on.
14. What methods of payment do you accept?
Cash, Mastercard, and Visa. (No personal checks accepted.)
15. Do you have baskets or carts for merchandise?
No.  Most people bring a laundry basket or container for carrying around.  You can tie a rope
or a belt to it and tow it around.
16. Can I bring my children to the Sale?
Yes.  Please be aware that it will be very busy.  Just keep an eye on them at all times.
17.  Can I bring my stroller for my baby?
Yes, you may bring your stroller/car seat.  We will put a security tag on it as you enter.
18. What if I purchase a large item that I can not transport home right away?        
No problem.  We are short on storage so we insist you come back ASAP to retrieve your
item(s). Please make TEMPORARY arrangements with the staff.
19.  Is there a Parking Fee?
NO, PARKING IS FREE!!                
How do I transfer unsold items to
the new Sale from a"previous" Sale
with TTB KidZ?
Go to
A.  Click "Sellers enter here"
B.  Enter your ID and Password
C.  Click "Manage Inventory"
D.  Click
"Items not sold only"
E.  Click on the last show that has the
items you are wanting to transfer from
F.  Click "Generate items list"
G. Check "All" or  the items that apply
to the
H.  Under Items transfer "Click the
TTB Sale in which you
are wanting  to transfer from.  
I.  Lastly, click "Transfer items to:  
whichever show we are hosting.
You're done...easy as 1,2,3!

How can I transfer items to this Sale
from a completely "different" Sale that

Go to
A.  Click "Sellers enter here"
B.  Enter your ID and Password
C.  Click "Manage Inventory"
D.  Click
"Items not sold only"
E.  Click on the last show that has the
items you are wanting to transfer from
F.  Click "Generate items list"
G. Check "All" or  the items that apply to
H.  Click "Please select a consignment"
(Click the Sale that you are wanting to
transfer from or any other Sale that you
have participated in needing transferring.
I.  Lastly, click "
Transfer items to":           
whichever Sale is active.

"Shoot us an email if you can't
find your answer"
KidZ Helpers

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